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Why us?

Tierney Crushing and Transport is locally owned and operated business. This means we support the employment of many local operators, we support the construction works around the community and we do what we can to support community events. The company and its team prides itself on the standard we present in all aspects.

Our material and products are of a high standard and are being used in road and gas infrastructure from South West Qld to South East Qld .

The company puts measures in place to ensure the every employee returns from work in the same manner they present themselves in. The Transport division of the company has measures in place to ensure our drivers are safe and competent as do our Quarrying side.

The company has introduced Drug and Alcohol Testing and GPS Tracking to ensure that each employee is free from substances and have the required amount of rest to enable them to work most efficiently and to keep fellow workers and the public as safe as practical.

Our employees find this a safe and enjoyable place to work and that's a standard the company strives to maintain. Our team is not only experienced but passionate about the work they complete.

The TCT have a common goal, and this is depicted through the way in which we work, how we go about it and the standard in each and everyone job we complete. 

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