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Bulk Haulage

TCT offers an extensive array of trailing equipment to cater for the bulk cartage of all our Materials wether it be Truck and dogs load or triple roadtrains, We can accommodate all your needs. . 

General Hire 

We also have general hire of equipment available for hourly Rate  projects including Road Trains, Body Trucks and Water truck Hire 

Crushing and Screening

TCT have several crushing and screening plants to assist in the production of quarry products at our Quarries . We are able to mobilize full plant and camp accommodation to remote areas to perform crushing contracts in satelite pits 

Location of Quarries 

Tierney Crushing and Transport has established five registered and licensed Quarries. Jondaryan Quarry, Wilgatoo, Gulera Road ,Broadwater  and Rockville Quarries and are located within the Toowoomba, Dalby  and Balonne Shire District and are available to service surrounding areas.  

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