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About our Equipment


TCT have trailing equipment to suit all your needs from Truck and dogs to Triple roadtrains. We are able to diversify to suit project conditions to suit our clients requirements. All our equipment is fully maintained under a strict service schedules and are registered through NHVR to meet compliance regulations . 

To assist in efficient operations Tierney Crushing and Transport is accredited with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) formally known as National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS). The company is accredited in three schemes, Mass Maintenance, Basic Fatigue Management and Maintenance Management.

Along with a scheduled service system, the company has personnel dedicated to the repairs of equipment breakdowns to essentially minimise downtime. To ensure that downtime, as a result of any maintenance is minimised the company hosts an extensive array of spare parts and necessities to allow our mechanic/s to complete the task quickly and efficiently.


Our Quarries are fully registered TMR approved quarries with tested Resources of high quality material. Jondaryan Quarry has a large client portfolio based on Local Government , Farming and Civil in the Toowoomba and South East locations . The western quarries are main suppliers for local government and Agricultural projects  with a comprehensive history of supply to flood damage grants and major road infrastructure supply.  


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